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What to see in Sicily
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These volcanos serve as cultural symbols of Sicily, since the ancient Greeks who once occupied the area thought they were evidence of trapped mythological monsters.

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The ancient perception of these volcanic formations offer insight into the rich history of the island. In typical Mediterranean fashion, the climate of Sicily is temperate, with cooler, wet winters and hot, dry summers.

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The exception to this rule being in the areas of Sicily where altitudes are much higher. These locations can have rougher winters, with colder temperatures more typical of the continent. During the summer, the African side of the island can become scorching hot thanks to the Saharan winds. Travel during the Summer is best left to the interior of the island where major cities like Palermo, Catania , and Messina are located.

Italians typically choose to visit Sicily in early June or September, as the temperatures are known to be lovely and the forecast filled with a bit of sporadic rainfall.

Local Guides To Sicily

As a land that attracted seafarers to its glistening waters, striking beaches, and mythical volcanoes for centuries during ancient times, it became a melting pot of Greek, Arab-Norman, Roman, French, Spanish, and of course Italian civilizations. Today the influence of each of these cultures can be seen, felt, tasted, and experienced in the culture, art, architecture, cuisine, and people that make up modern Sicily. These different points of view create the uniquely Sicilian experience that attracts people today as much as the explorers of the past.

From the people who make up the region, to the food that one can delight in, to the history that makes Sicily what it is, to the local customs and events that set Sicily apart, it all can be experienced best on the streets. Sicilian people are known to be kind-hearted and warm because culturally, the people of Sicily consider being a generous host a must.

Top 5 Things To Do In Sicily

In addition, Sicilians are apt to treat everyone like family, offering refreshments and food, a common love language all throughout Italy. Also evident of the historic timeline of Sicily are the ancient ruins and architecture throughout the region. The roads throughout Sicily will take visitors back to the times of ancient life when they witnessed firsthand the buildings and monuments that make the region so special.

The streets of Sicily will lead visitors on an exciting journey, from white sand beaches and untouched nature to bustling cities and major events. An array of local ceramics in Noto. People of various ages walking and sitting in the centre of Syracuse. Further inland, Ragusa is a charming provincial town.

Its neighbour Modica has top food, stunning architecture and delicious chocolate to offer.

The Riserva Naturale Oasi Faunistica di Vendicari, a protected stretch of coastal salt marshes, is a haven for rare birds. Tourism here has also recently benefitted from the popular Montalbano books and TV series.

Sign up to get the latest travel tips, news, recipes and competitions from Italia! Alto Adige: the right altitude… Italia! Published On: Wed, Apr 19th, Alto Adige: the right altitude…. The dangerous lure of Mount Etna.

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Sicily Driver Guide - Tour of Sicily

The capital of Sicily is a crumbling film set of a city with unmissable architecture, vivid street life, and a great choice of alfresco restaurants and bars. Published: 25 Aug Cook your way round Italy's Aeolian islands. The volcanic Aeolian islands, off Sicily, are rich with the raw ingredients for delicious local specialities — though the squid often play hard to get.

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