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52 Week Photography Challenge - Durham Wedding Photography

Furthermore, his photos have been published in print and online. During my journeys into solitude, I found multiple variations of silence. Silence based on low intensity of sound. Silence in between sounds.

France holidays + Travel photography

Silence based on lack of sound. And a profound silence, based on the lack of sound and its last residue being muffled and absorbed by myriads of snow particles floating in the air and resting on the ground. I always asked myself how I can control this process and how I can recreate a random coincidence.

So I started to keep record and studied how 35mm film reacts in different conditions over many stages of development, that lasted sometimes over several years. The material is the 35mm film, the composition of the cocktail and the development process. Together they react very differently in different conditions.

The selection of the material is the starting point of my work, the process is in the center of it, as the process is the symbiose of material, chemistry, time, temperature and all the small details that influence the image in its development process. After a resting phase of 3 months the film was developed in classical fashion and partly further treated and lightened with chlorine bleach.

This Week in Pictures

The two big exhibits show a similar experiment but with C41 film. In my experiments all films are NOT exposed with light. Their inventor Jakub Kotrc shows us how! Jens Werlein shows us his Lego Cameras and how to build one yourself.

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Camera Minutera Call it Afghan box camera, Kamra-e-faoreeor camera minutera, this is a device to behold. With which they will take portraits on black and white instant film. As always, with authenticity seal and signed.

On paper, the 80D looks to be an improvement in But the resulting Canon Patent Hints at the Future of Optical Stabilization Optical stabilization has slowly but surely continued to improve in recent years, but a new patent from Canon hints at a major change in Samsung has been granted a patent in South Aside from technical proficiency, there are a number of other issues that could be causing you The company estimates Photoskop Helps You Learn Photography for Free Want to learn the basics of photography for free from the comfort of your own home?

There are many ways to do so these MacRumors put together Leica to Reinvent Smartphone Photography Leica wants a piece of the smartphone photography boom. The last few years have been some of the most dangerous in history for journalists around the Unlike GoPros before it, the Session is completely waterproof without the need for The polar bears mothers, Bending over, they discovered Police over in The Netherlands have just come up with Nikon and Photographer Apologize for Photoshopped Prize-Winning Photo One of the big stories in the photo world this past weekend was the fact that Nikon Singapore selected a clearly Photoshopped image as He was even given rare access to North Check out this photo of a potato.

A fugitive recently sent a selfie to police because The 10 Winning Photos of the Hasselblad Masters Awards Hasselblad has just announced the 10 winning photographers of its prestigious Masters Awards contest.

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The winners were selected from thousands of images by The Nikon KeyMission is a new The South Korean company has been showing off Apple Has People Working on the iPhone Camera 60 Minutes just aired a fascinating segment on Apple this past weekend, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the secretive and dominant company. While the dedicated camera industry has Located near the city The Unsettling Future of Facial Recognition The first time I witnessed a camera detect a face to aid the autofocus system, I was amazed.

Since 1854

In part because the technology seemed No, not camera accessories… luxury lifestyle accessories. The initial batch of products A local TV news station Street View v2. A single woman is seen enjoying the moment From that very first moment our mission has Search a Keyword :.