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With this volume you will learn to explore the mysteries of your sleeping self. Beginning with simple steps such as keeping a dream journal to record your dreams, Keith Harary, Ph. You advance to realizing when you are in a dream state, waking up "in" your dreams, and eventually, With this volume you will learn to explore the mysteries of your sleeping self.

You advance to realizing when you are in a dream state, waking up "in" your dreams, and eventually, actually controlling the content of your dreams. Get A Copy. Paperback , Second Edition , pages. Published March 15th by St.

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Lucid Dreams in 30 Days, Second Edition: The Creative Sleep Program

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Aug 03, Esteban del Mal rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction , jesus-take-the-wheel. So, Days 1 and 2 are pretty basic. Then you stuff said journal under your pillow and before you go to sleep at night you tell yourself something along the lines of "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and, gosh darn it, I'm going to remember my dreams.

Day 1 Had a dream that I was in Detroit with my family. We were in a part of town somewhere between gentrifi So, Days 1 and 2 are pretty basic. We were in a part of town somewhere between gentrification and desolation.

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I remember seeing some big brick factory-like building. I was chewing some sort of "organic" gum, which was, of course, shit-brown in color. As I started to pull at it, it clung to my poor face such that it pulled out a bunch of the hair. I ended up having the right side of my upper lip look like some half-assed Hitler thing.

My daughter commented on it. I've never been to Detroit, but one of my good friends was born there. It's also pretty much the epicenter for the decline of the country, at least in my mind's eye, and my k is taking a beating right now.

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I didn't remember it initially as I awakened; however, when I did awaken, the word 'heliotropic' was bouncing around in my head. Day 2 Nothing to report. Am I regressing already? Day 3 "Temple of Dreams" This day is all about dream incubation , which, according to the book, is "a potent tool for solving problems, changing bad habits, boosting your immune system, and getting to know your deepest self and give you a bigger penis. Even girls have penis envy, right?

To catch the dream incubation train, you're supposed to shape your environment. Make a little dream nest, as it were. The book asks me to analyze where I sleep: Is it cluttered with paperwork from the office? No, but there is a laundry basket filled with clean laundry that I should probably fold. Is it noisy? Yes and yes. Hell, I even got me one of them Tempurpedic beds which are supposedly like sleeping on the freshly shaven buttocks of Jesus.

The bedroom is a go. Now that I have my "dream sanctuary," I'm supposed to sit in this "consecrated spot and focus on a matter of personal concern about which you would like to dream. Like, winning the lottery? No, no, says the book: a "situation over which you have direct influence. The only thing that has been on my mind lately is whether or not to send that wedding gift to Alfonso. Those are my -- surprise, surprise -- Captain America underwear.

I've, um, outgrown them and otherwise pretty much gotten everything I can out of 'em; it's time they found a new home. But where? I can't very well give them to Goodwill, can I? Who the fuck wakes up in the morning and says to himself, "I think I'll go down to the Goodwill and get some underwear today!

But I just can't bring myself to trash 'em. They can jazz up his honeymoon or something. That means I need to dream about Alfonso as Captain America. I put the underwear on top of my head and repeat the phrase "Alfonso is Captain America" over and over to myself before I go to sleep. I wake up to find my daughter laughing at me from the side of the bed and my first thought is "Do the guys that made that song 'Hot Blooded' ever hear it come on the radio and get embarrassed? I pledge to carry on my experiments despite not conjuring the Alfonso Captain America.

That fucker's still getting the underwear, tho'. Day 4 "Vision Quest" "This time you will focus on inducing a dream that taps your creative abilities, helping you come up with a new idea or an innovative approach to life Allow your experience, knowledge, and creative energy to merge in a moment of intuitive vision that expresses itself in a dream. I mean, why succumb to death by a thousand cuts when I can just commit hara-kiri, right? It seems almost ethical. I go to sleep with the Green Party on my mind. Instead, I dream about teaching my one little class at the community college.

The class is overflowing with people, many of whom are old high school classmates, all of whom are separated by big bookcases because the class is being taught in a library. I had to shout and eventually get one of the students -- an old nemesis of mine from high school that I have had periodic contact with since, a guy I like to call "Silver Spoons" because he was born into money and is an unthinking Republican twat -- in a headlock to get control of the class. Or I'm just anxious about my upcoming class and regret?

Participants were instructed on the nightly reporting procedures and the protocol for sleep interruption, which included a modified sleep schedule in which participants interrupted their sleep with a minute period of wakefulness after approximately 4. The minute sleep interruption period was selected based on previous research, as noted above, showing that 30 minutes of sleep interruption is more effective than shorter amounts of time [ 18 ].

We did not set the sleep interruption period for longer than 30 minutes because it does not lead to further increases in lucid dream frequency. Furthermore, galantamine reaches peak serum concentration Cmax approximately 1 hour after oral ingestion [ 29 ], and we wanted to align Cmax to occur during the next sleep and dream period after allowing participants time to fall back to sleep.

Participants practiced MILD while returning to sleep for all awakenings after the sleep interruption period. Participants who opted to sleep with the mask were required to use it on all three nights of the experiment after the sleep interruption period. Participants used a paper-pencil form to track their nightly experiences and time variables, including their lights out time, the time they started the sleep interruption period, the length of the sleep interruption period, the time they ingested the capsules, and their rising time in the morning. Participants were given two nights prior to the experiment to practice the induction and reporting protocol.

The experiment was initiated on the fifth night of the workshop. Note: figure not to scale, timing approximate. LO: Lights Out. Sleep for approximately 3 REM cycles. Ingest galantamine capsules. All participants received all three doses 0, 4, and 8 mg in one of 6 counterbalanced orders. Sleep interruption out of bed for 30 min. Engage in quiet activity with focus on lucid dreaming. Experimental Nap s. Participants were randomly assigned subject numbers. On each night A, B, C , they received a coded packet, according to their subject numbers and appropriate night, containing capsules with 0 mg G0 , 4 mg G4 , or 8 mg G8 of galantamine hydrobromide Life Enhancement Products Galantamind; S2 Appendix.

Numbered packets were arranged to provide a counterbalanced order of doses; however, the participants and experimenters were unaware which dose individuals would be receiving on a particular night double-blind design. Each night, participants awoke after approximately 4. Participants then returned to bed, practicing MILD until they fell asleep. For all awakenings after the period of sleep interruption, participants completed the report form and recorded the time they woke up and the type of dream.

Dream Bibliography of Psychic Dreaming by Loyd Auerbach | LibraryThing

As noted above, lucidity can arise during an ongoing dream often through the recognition of a cue or an anomaly indicating that one is dreaming or, less commonly, by maintaining awareness while transitioning directly from the waking state into a dream. These two types of lucid dream onset are referred to respectively as dream-initiated lucid dreams DILDs and wake-initiated lucid dreams WILDs [ 15 , 20 ]. Participants also reported "odd somatic sensations", such as strange bodily feelings, paralysis, tingling, vibrations, etc.

ISBN 10: 0312199880

For lucid dreams participants wrote a full narrative report of the dream. In the reports, participants were asked to specify the point in the dream report at which they became lucid as well as how they knew they were dreaming e. Participants also gave a follow-up oral report of all lucid dreams the following morning. Two complementary criteria had to be met in order for a dream report to be classified as lucid. Linear mixed models were used to account for repeated measures with varied numbers of repeated observations within subjects.

As questionnaire responses as well as outcome measures were not normally distributed, we used nonparametric bootstrapping for all significance tests.