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Severalconferencesandseminarshave beenorganizedatinternationallevelondifferentaspectsof Sikhism. Thisgrowingawarenesshas resulted literature avalanche in Sikh studies. A large number of contributions have been made in the form of various publications. And most recently with the advancement in information technologies, there is a trend to develop more and more electronic and web resources on Sikhs and their religion. For the bibliographical control of the voluminous literature on Sikhism, some efforts have been made in the past by scholars and librarians like Ganda Singh, Kirpal Singh, N.

Nara Publications, New Delhi, , pp. Nijhwan, P. Sri Guru Gobind Geeta.

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Parkash Singh ed. Puran Singh Guru Gobind Singh. Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar, n. Khalsa Agency Amritsar, n. Anecdotes from Sikh history, No. Sahitya Sangam, Ludhiana, pp. Punjab University, 25 Chandigarh, Sahib Singh Guru Gobind Singh: Life history, his mission and significance of four breeches and five symbols of Khalsa discpline.

Religious Studies: Sikhism

Raj Publishers, , 80, 59, 36 pp. Satbir Singh Editor. Souvenir-cum-commemoration volume; Guru Gobind Singh, January 18, Seetal Pustak Bhandar, Ludhiana, , pp. Shamsher Singh Guru Gobind Singh. Modem Sahit Academy, Amritsar. Sterling Publishers, Delhi, The national hero. The author, Lucknow, Guru Ram Dass College, Amritsar n. Thadani, Jaya When sparrows killed. Guru Gobind Singh Foundation, Chandigarh, ,74 pp.


Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Delhi, Gurdas Kapur and Sons, Delhi, , 4 volumes. Benaras Hindu University, Benaras, , vi, 92 pp. Manmohan Singh Tr.

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Talib, Gurbachan Singh. Trumpp, Ernst, Tr.

International Bibliography of Sikh Studies - Google Books

I, edited by 28 Hamam Singh Ballabh. Punjabi Book Store, New Delhi, Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, The World Gospel Series. The author, London, n. Veekay Weekly, Bombay, n.

Guru Granth Ratnavali. Punjabi University, Patiala, n. Text in Gurmukhi and Devnagri with English translation. Harbans Singh Doabia Tr. Divine hymns of Daily Prayers by the Sikhs: Sacred Nitnem, translation and transliteration containing some of the fundamental sermons. Loehlin, C. The Sikh and their Scriptures. Lucknow Publishing House, Lucknow, Man, Arjan Singh Tr.

Bengal Sikh Missionary Association, Calcutta, n. Tract Nos. Patiala, Mansukhani, Gobind Singh Tr. Narendrapal Singh Tr. Gleanings from the Masters. Sikh Cultural Centre, Clacutta, 98pp.

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Rehras: The Sikh immortal evening prayer with Kirtan Sohila the bed time prayer. Bhalla, Ferozepur, Third edition. Spiritual Community, California, Puri, L. Talib, Gurbachan Singh Tr.

en.edobosaj.tk Teja Singh Prof. Trilochan Singh and others Tr. Unesco Collection of Representative Works. Harnam Singh Shan Tr. Five Hundred Thoughts of Guru Nanak. Department of Public Relation, Punjab, Chandigarh, , pp. Language Department, Punjab, Patiala, , viii, pp. Hymns of Guru Nanak. Orient Longmans Ltd. ManmobanSingh Tr. Suddhasatwananda Swami Tr. Thus Spake Guru Nanak. Sri Rama Krishna Math. Teja Singh Tr. Guru Nanak's Religion in his own Words. Praise divine: A new interpretation in the light of the true inner meaning of the opening key stanza, the Mool Mantra of Japji Sahib, text holy for every Sikh and God loving human being.

Sikhs and Sikh Studies Lecture Part 2/6

Institute of Inquiry into the Unknown, New Delhi, 26 pp. Bedi, Gursharan Singh Tr. Sikh Publishing House Amritsar, English translation with notes and introduction by Gurbachan Singh Talib.