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County Seat Removed to Gunpowder. To Joppa. Growth and Decline of Joppa. Baltimore on the Patapsco. Chafter IV. Customs and Manners prior to Revolution. Primitive Conditions. The Lawyer. Life of a Physician before the Revolution Domestic Customs. Inconvenience on ac- count of Removal of County Seat to Baltimore. Petition for New County. Henry Harford. Act for Formation of new County. Chaptes VI. Organization of County, continued.

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First Records. Swearing in Lord Justices. Appointment of Clerk, Sheriff and State's Attorney. Division of County into Hundreds, and Appointment of Constables. First Grand Jury. First Petit Jury. County Seat at Harford Town or Bush. Chaptek VII. Bel Air Chosen County Seat. Other Places Voted for. Another Election called. Scott's Old Field or Bel Air wins again. Court House at Bel Air. Harford the Chief Section of Balti- more County. First two County Seats in Harford. Chapter VIII. Selections from Old Records.

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Tavern Licenses. Grand and Petit Juries. Luther Martin admitted to Prac- tice at Harford Bar. Tavern Rates. Road Supervisors Court House at Bel Air Occupied. First Judges.

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Description of Building. Chapter IX. Old Records, continued. Pinkney Locates at Bel Air. Basis of Assessment. Tax rate. Members of the Bar in 17 6. Robert Amos, Jr. Judges of Election. John Lee Gibson resigns as Clerk. Henry Dorsey of Edward Appointed Clerk.

Signs of the Revolution. Importation Act. The Peggy Stewart. The American Association.

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Concord and Lexington. Annapolis Convention of June, Harford Representatives. Convention at Bush. Association of the Freemen of Maryland. Chapter XI. Harford in the Revolution. Favorable Location of County Seat at Bush. Great Men Passing Along. Harford Declaration of Popular Rights. Enrollment of County Mili- tia.

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The Flying Camp. Chapter XIII. Lafayette's Expedition through Harford, Officers of the Command. Lafayette Spends Night at House of Col. James Rigby, near Darlington. Proclamation Against Desertion.

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Aquila Deaver An Anecdote of the Expedition. Captains Greme and Gitnat. Chapter XIV. The Catholic Church. Old Churches Continued. Presbyterian Church at Churchviile.

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Harford County Sheriff's Office:History - Harford County Sheriff's Office

Cokesbury Methodist College and Church. Harford Baptist Church. The Friends in Harford. Biografhicat— Wtlliam Faca. John Archer. Thomu White. Bradford Norris. Chapibe xvn. Biographical Contittued. John Coleman. Williun Bradford. John Stump, of Sufford. William Smithson. AquiU Hall.

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William Morgan. Ignatius Wheeler. John Streett. The War of National Conditions. Weak Fed- eral Government. Valuable Assistance from France. Fort McHenry.