Manual Beyond the Image: Approaches to the Religious Dimension in the Cinema

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He dons red clown shoes, brightly coloured pants with orange suspenders and a T-shirt emblazoned with an S-emblem, probably referring to the word Superman. Jesus has become a clown as well. During the various dances he oten takes the lead, so Godspell is the irst important Jesus ilm to show a dancing Jesus. Ater his baptism Jesus also becomes the leader of the gang, although John the Baptist continues to act as a strong antipode.

Halfway through the ilm John the Baptist turns into Judas. Godspell is a more cheerful movie than its fellow musical Jesus Christ Superstar. It omits the dark sides of the history of Jesus while giving Jesus and his followers the appearance of being clowns. He appears as a hippy guru surrounded by a group of hippy disciples in a light-footed carefree atmosphere with a taboo on money.

In this milieu people learn wise lessons that also critique society and its religious authorities, but Godspell shows little of the ierce struggle and the sufering necessary to achieve the objectives for which Jesus stood. On the contrary, in one of the sequences Jesus seems to be overwhelmed by the illnesses of the sick people seeking to be healed by him. Jesus, played by Ted Neeley b. He is a seeker who acts only ater deep internal struggle.

People seem to be only puppets in the play of God, but they complain about it to God. Jesus Christ Superstar stresses what the main protagonists perceive, expressing these perceptions in the songs and the music. Although the movie was shot in Israel, it did not pretend to give a historically accurate representation of the gospels. On the contrary, the ilm is full of modern elements.

King Herod puts on a Bermuda and amber sunglasses. In this respect it follows Godspell. Surprisingly— given that Rosselini was a communist—Pope Paul vi, and Catholic organizations supported his production of this ilm Zwick: —, Although it premiered in France, it was a French-Italian co- production, for which the ilmmaker received a substantial investment of two million dollars from the Family heater organization of Father Patrick Peyton — in the United States.

Il Messia is in certain respects a remarkable ilm, since it tries to represent Jesus as one of the great personalities of world history. Previously, Rosselini had produced ilms about Socrates , Pascal , Augustine and Descartes Intended to provide good and scientiically reliable information, the framework of these ilms did not ofer any room for angels and miracles. Rosselini produced a beautiful ilm with wonderful shots, happily lacking the pomp and megalomania of The Greatest Story Ever Told.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

Ater the conlict in Nazareth, Jesus starts a communal society on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, in which he tries to realize the idea of the kingship of God in an ideal society. Ater the execution of John the Baptist, the communal society breaks up, since it has become too dangerous to stay together. Mary looks up at the sky, and then the other followers of Jesus arrive.

God is king and nobody else. Since then she is always close by and now she is also the irst one to understand him correctly. So the emphasis shits to the other aspects of his activity, in particular his intention to create a new society. It is even one of the motives the high priests use to persuade Pilate to execute him, for the belief of the people can make Jesus a powerful threat to the Roman regime.

History of film

It premiered as a short television series on Italian tv in April Its total length was 6 hours and 17 minutes, to be broadcast in two parts on two evenings or in four parts on four evenings. He saw and believed. In fact, it starts earlier in the synagogue of Nazareth where the rabbi is delivering a sermon based on a verse from Isaiah. In this way the life of Jesus, who is played by Robert Powell b. Joseph then appears on-screen as a carpenter teaching a group of students and Anna is subsequently shown arranging a mar- riage between this Joseph and her daughter Mary.

As a consequence the sequences are better elaborated. One of the strong points of the movie is that it shows that the meeting of the Sanhedrin was not chaotic. Zerah, one of the new characters introduced by the ilmmaker, asks Judas to help the Sanhedrin arrest Jesus, because Jesus will then have the opportunity to prove to the council that he really is the Messiah, the Son of God. Zerah is also decisive in the deliberations in the Sanhedrin. Others said that he did not want to show Jesus in all too human and compromising posi- tions. Nonetheless, Baugh is right in concluding that because of these accommodations Jesus lacks many qualities that would arouse opposi- tion among the audience Baugh: What is also missing in Jesus of Nazareth is the apocalyptic aspect.

Jesus of Nazareth is a television ilm, although a version for cinema was also released. Furthermore, the ilm was widely marketed and also regularly re-marketed around Christmas and Easter. Its title was simply Jesus, but in it was given a new title, The Jesus Film, thereby suggesting that it was the one and only reliable and oicial ilm about Jesus. Although it was also screened in commercial cinemas, it was not really a commercial ilm.

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Its roots lay in the activities of William R. In the s John Heyman b.

81 genuinely creepy horror movies | Den of Geek

He had already produced ilms of the irst 10 chapters of Genesis and Luke 1 and 2, when he met Bright while looking for more money. In they succeeded in getting Warner Brothers interested in producing their ilm and the ilm was released in October Tatum: ; Eshleman: Barnes Tatum and I have chosen to refer to this ilm by its producer John Heyman, but in some other publications John Krish and Peter Sykes, the directors, are mentioned.

It omits certain passages, such as the passage about the annunciation to Zechariah that he will receive a son, the birth of John the Baptist itself, and many healings and parables. Of the parables only the story of the Good Samaritan is depicted. Surpris- ingly, the parable of the Prodigal Son, which perhaps is one of the most important in Luke, is omitted as well. Chapters 14, 15, 16 and 17 are let out completely. In general, the ilm follows the lines of the gospel. But the order is sometimes interrupted by passages belonging to a later part of the gospel.

An important addition, however, is a meeting between Pilate and the chief priests in which Pilate orders them to prevent Jesus from being proclaimed a king. Another feature of this movie that receives more attention than in the gospel is the fact that, in addition to his male disciples, Jesus was also followed by a number of female disciples.

Although Brian Deacon b. During the agony in Gethsemane there is never a moment that one has the impression that one is watching a man struggling with the torture and horrible death he expects. We see Jesus going through a long sequence of scenes. For that reason the movie never becomes more than a Sunday School ilm. It shows us the story told in the gospel of Luke, and it is clear that it does so with the utmost care and congruence.

We've added more! Here are 81 horror movies that really manage to give us the creeps...

But it lacks the intensity of various other Jesus ilms. It was screened in in ilm theatres in the USA but was later re-released within the framework of two evangelism campaigns. In connection with this, they released the motion picture for a third time as The Jesus Film.

In the website called he Jesus Film Project claimed that the ilm had been translated into more than 1, languages and that it had more than 6 billion viewings worldwide since Website of he Jesus Film Project. In any event, of all the Jesus ilms, the latter is the one that has been translated into the most languages in the world. Already before its release on 12 August , The Last Temptation of Christ by the producer Martin Scorcese, which had been shot in Morocco, created much commotion. Kazantzakis wrote the book in , towards the end of his life, and it relects his own struggle between the spirit and the lesh, a struggle that in his view was universal.

Scorcese, however, made a number of radical alterations.

Beyond Narrative: The Future of the Feature Film

Jesus Willem Dafoe b. Very tender, very loving. And I remem- ber.